Bruce Lilley

Bruce Lilley - Associate Broker
Phone: (810) 441-5430

Bruce is an Associate Real Estate Broker with over 30 years of experience in real estate. In that time frame he has seen, and understands, the ups and downs of a fluctuating real estate market and the many trends that go with it. Bruce understands that not every home seller or home buyer can be put in a box, that everyone is uniquely different. He also knows that is true of every property that he has sold or helped purchase. Bruce has developed a knack of putting that unique purchaser, with that unique property, for that unique seller. He will not disappoint.

Over his 30 years of experience, Bruce has gained expertise in many different real estate areas. He can assist with vacant land, residential, agriculture land and farms. Bruce has experience in multifamily, commercial, industrial, tax deferred exchanges and real estate swapping. He has also sold businesses ranging from mom and pops to larger corporate sales. He has however, had difficulty in selling swamp land in Florida and ‘blue sky’ or potential in investment real estate.

Bruce has a gift with an ability to meet the client’s needs when all else fails. Sometimes it is in the way a purchaser finances a type of property. Sometimes it is in the way the purchaser and seller structure the transaction that other agents may be unaware of. And even sometimes, he has explained to a purchaser or seller that it is best to do nothing at this time. Bruce will always put the client ahead of any compensation. 

You will meet very few agents that have the ethics and experience that Bruce has. When people need expert advice that can be relied upon, they call Bruce. You will not be disappointed.